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Mind Matters

Mind Matters offers an insightful exploration into the journey of new CEOs, focusing on their initial challenges, key strategies for scaling their businesses, and the importance of maintaining work-life balance.


Episode Format

Day 1 as CEO

In our first section, new CEOs discuss their initial emotions and priorities upon assuming their role, reflecting on the mix of excitement and challenges they faced. They delve into the strategies and principles they employed to establish their leadership, including setting a clear vision and gaining the trust of their teams. The segment also uncovers valuable lessons learned in those early days, and how these experiences shaped their approach to leadership and decision-making.


Scaling an Organization

For our second section, the podcast focuses on the strategies used by CEOs to scale their businesses, encompassing geographical expansion and diversification of services. It highlights the balance between growth and maintaining core values, the role of innovation and technology, and navigating regulatory landscapes. The segment also addresses cultivating strong organizational cultures during growth and the importance of adapting to changing markets and customer preferences.


Work-Life Balance

Each episode is brought to an end by addressing the concept of work-life balance from the perspective of CEOs. It explores how they prioritize self-care and well-being amidst the demands of their roles, and the adjustments they've made over their careers to maintain this balance. The segment also discusses the importance of fostering a work-life balance culture within organizations and shares personal anecdotes illustrating its significance in leadership.

Interested in Joining the Show?

Please click the button below to start the intake form for Mind Matters. If you are chosen to be interviewed, our producer will reach out for scheduling.

Episodes Coming Soon

We look forward to telling stories from CEOs across the United States and Canada in all things operating as CEO, scaling an organization, and work-life balance.

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